In cooperation with the Atudot Le’Israel Division in the Prime Minister’s Office, MAOZ is working to implement the Atudot Le’Israel government resolution – a strategic plan for building a leadership pipeline for the public sphere in Israel. In this framework MAOZ operates Joint Ventures, with relevant government ministries, in MAOZ strategic focus areas: Inbar (with the Ministry of Health),  Advot (with the Ministry of Education) Makom (with the Ministry of Interior) and the MAOZ Employment Venture (a partnership with the Labor and Social Welfare Department).

The initiatives are designed to promote systemic change by creating a common language around the core challenges of the various systems, increasing the trust among the top players across areas of  influence, developing leaders’ professionally , and creating a network of leaders that drive significant change processes collaboratively. The members of the programs represent diverse populations and employment sector in Israel including private, NGO, public, municipal and communications.

Throughout the year, there are interactions among the members of the various programs aimed at advancing mamlachti (common good) actions for the benefit of Israel’s economic and social resilience.

Upon completion of the programs, the members join MAOZ and Atudot Le’Israel’s Network, which is a multi-disciplinary and diverse multi-sectoral network, which is a space for leading and accelerating economic and social change initiatives and changes in the country.

Leadership Development

Providing personal and management tools to lead change in light of the challenges facing Israeli society


Promoting collaborations and strengthening the social capital of peers by expanding and diversifying their networks

Increasing Trust

o Increase the trust between senior, diverse and multi-sector players in the various areas of influence in Israeli society.