ADVOT is a joint venture between the Ministry of Education and MAOZ, whose goal is to create a management pipeline for tri-sector professionals across Israel’s education system. The program endeavors to create a shared language around the education system’s core challenges, to increase trust between senior and diverse players in the system’s various focus points of influence, develop existing leaders within the educational system and create a network of change-making leaders that collaborate to create meaningful change.

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לחץ לתזכורת

ADVOT Joint Venture Vision

Educational leadership that is collaborating to tackle the challenges facing the education system in Israel, while striving to create a shared language and prepare the system for a dynamic, unexpected and changing future.

Program Goals

Program Content

Admissions process

A synchronized admissions process across the ADVOT, MAKOM and MAOZ Employment Venture, in order to pool resources and enable an ideal match between candidates and programs, will open in Spring 2020.


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ADVOT Fellows

מחזור ב

Lea Abutbul

Director Of The Center For Teaching Staff Development, Ministry Of Education, Haifa District

Jaber Abu Alkian

Local Inspector At The Society And Youth Administration Of The Ministry Of Education, South Be'Er Sheva

Ido Barkan

Director Of The Mandel Program For Academic Leadership

Mordechai Ilarov Cohen

Inspector At The Residential Settlement Education And Youth Aliyah Administration

Dafna Dor

Director Of Co.Lab — Laboratory For Collaborations Uja Federation, New York

Nimrod Dotan

CEO Of Educating For Excellence

Adoreh Eless

Education Manager, Child Online Protection Bureau — 105

Hanadi Gabin

Director Of The Parks Department, Rahat Municipality

Yona Goodman

Vp Of Education And Pedagogy Of Yeshivot And Ulpanot Bnei Akiva And Hemed Board Member

Shay Gueta

Chief Of Staff, Digital And Innovation Department, Directorate Of Government Medical Centers, Ministry Of Health

Limor Bermann Harms


Daniel Hurshberg

CEO Of Da'At

Raz Karni

Owner Ozma Solarit, Renewable Energy Company

Shaul Kastelanitz

Inspector General Of Elementary Education, Ultra-Orthodox Region, Ministry Of Education

Dalia Lin

Director General Of The Ganei Tikva Local Council

Bitya Malach

School Principal Of The Bnot Yerushalaim Ultra-Orthodox Public Elementary School

Liat Malka

Director Of The Shared Life, Strategic Partnerships And Ultra-Orthodox Sector Department

Raied Masarwy

General Inspector, Ministry Of Education

Miri Navon

Senior Deputy Director Of The Pedagogical Secretariat, Ministry Of Education

Debbie Niderberg

Founder And Executive Director Of Hidden Sparks; Director Of The George Rohr Foundation

Sigal Pariente

Director Of The Southern Region, Israel Association Of Community Centers

Elchanan Rozenfeld

Lecturer And Pedagogical Advisor, Teacher Training Institute

Elchanan Rozenfeld

Lecturer And Pedagogical Advisor, Teacher Training Institute

Hila Segal

Director Of Assistive And Preventative Programs, Ministry Of Education Headquarters, Educational Psychological Services Department

Orna Mitmiger Setty

Head Of Procurement Department, Ministry Of Education

Revital Shapira

Director Of The Education Department, Ra'Anana

קרדיט: אליאור, חברת דמקה

Moshe Shriki

Vice President Of Education At Alliance — Kol Israel Haverim

Daphi Biran Singer

Program Manager, Mandel Center For Leadership In The North

קרדיט: יאיר טאוב

Rivka Taub

Head Of The Computer Science Faculty, Michlalah College Jerusalem

Tami Umansky

Director Of The Special Education Department

Inna Zaltsman

Senior Deputy Director And Head Of The Pedagogical Secretariat, Ministry Of Education

Yoav(Zimi) Zimran

Head Of The Education Administration, Jerusalem Municipality

Reem Zreiq

Director Of The Education Department, Reineh Local Council

מחזור א

Ori Arbel-Ganz

Self-Employed Consultant

Yael Neeman Barak

CEO Of The Lautman Foundation

Ester Kalmarski Binder

Chief Inspector Of Elementary Schools Of The Ultra-Orthodox District, Ministry Of Education

Lina Boulos

Coordinator Of The Excellence Program And Member Of The Board — Sakhnin College For Teacher Education, Head Of The Regev Program, Manager Of The Prism Program

Gil Chadash

Director Of The Education Department, Sderot

Pazit Gabay Elgi

Director Of The Elementary Education Department, Be'Er Sheva Municipality

Rana Fahoum

Director Of The Center For Cooperative Living And Member Of The Management Of The Shalom Hartman Institute

Muhana Fares

Deputy Director And Head Of The Technological Education Administration, Ministry Of Education

Shai Fruchtman

Chairman Of The Union Of Education Department Directors, Director Of The Education Department, Even Yehuda Local Council

Tamir Gabay

Director Of Business Development And Partnerships At The Democratic Institute

Israel Golomb

Executive Director Of Kindergartens, Agudat Yisrael

Michal De Haan

Deputy Pedagogical Director Of Religious Education, Ministry Of Education, Religious Education Administration

Moshe Hershkoviz

Director Of Research And Education For The National Zionist Movement; Mentor To School Principals And Administrators

Yarden Ben Horin

Director Of Young Leadership And Excellence In Science, Davidson Institute Of Science Education

Adel Khatib

Director Of The Northern District, Israel Association Of Community Centers

Einav Luke

Senior Director Of The Psychology Counseling Services, Ministry Of Education

Eilat Cohen Melkman

Legal Adviser To The Ministry Of Education

Walid Mgadly

Director Of The Education Department , Baqa Al-Gharbiyye Municipality


Deputy CEO Of Perach Educational Network

Lara Mubariki

Head Of The Arab Education Department, Jerusalem Educational Administration

Shira Navon

Deputy CEO Strategy And Marketing, Tel Aviv University

Ilana Nulman

Head Of The Residential Settlement Education And Youth Aliyah Administration

Dana Pynik

CEO Of Hotam — Teach First Israel

Osnat Saporta

Deputy Director General Of The Hadera Municipality And Kfar Saba City Councilmember

Yair Shahal

Deputy Director General Of Binyamin Regional Council, Head Of Education, Welfare And Community Center Department

Benayahu Tvila

Deputy Director Of Leshem, Staff Member At The Mandel Leadership Institute

Fares Tweel

Director Of The Authorized Non-Official Education Institutions Licensing Division, Ministry Of Education,

Ilan Ben Yaakov

Vp Learning Experience At Mindcet — Edtech Innovation Center

Yafa Yashar

CEO Of Meser Information Technology

Meirav Zerbib

Director Of The Research And Development Department, Pedagogical Secretariat, Ministry Of Education