MAOZ Network Leaders Leading the Social Frontline


MAOZ Network Leaders
Leading the Social Frontline

Amid this unprecedented time of pain of terror, our nation has three critical missions: defend, unite, and rebuild. Since the horrific attack of October 7th, millions of Israelis of all sectors have been doing just that.

MAOZ’s 1,027 Network members composed of senior leaders from various sectors across Israeli leadership are playing a crucial role in this new reality, finding themselves at the forefront of rebuilding Israeli society.

MAOZ opened its own Situation Room on the morning of October 8th. Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, the situation room works around the clock to address every request, challenge, or need that our Network members brings, whether it be to defend, unite, or rebuild our society.

3 courses of action taken by the situation room

Building Operational Capacities for Leaders

Training Network Members on leading teams during crisis, building effective Situation Rooms, and restoring organizational resilience.

Connections that Lead to Immediate Solutions

Making connections between MAOZ’s leaders in order to solve time-sensitive needs as well as those that require a more extensive and systematic approach.

Promoting Effective Mid and Long term Systemic Solutions

Rebuilding systems, especially in the south, so they operate effectively and restore the public’s trust in them.

We need your support!

Contribute to the Emergency Fund to enable us to fight for the future of our State and people

To contribute by bank transfer:

TD Bank
American Friends of Maoz Seal, Inc.
Account number 8263435783
Routing number 2113-70545 
Fedwire ABA for Wires 031101266   

For more information, contact us by email:
[email protected]

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