MAKOM, a joint venture of the Ministry of the Interior and MAOZ, and a part of the government resolution,  “Atudot Le’Israel” – is building a tri-sector management pipeline for Israel’s local government sphere. The joint venture identifies, trains, and networks leaders and accelerates initiatives of senior positions in the local government system, civil society, private sector, and central government with the goal of fostering a generation of mamlachti (common good) leaders capable of and effective at leading change in the local sphere.

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MAKOM Joint Venture Vision

Strengthening the local sphere, with an emphasis on the geographical and social periphery, in order to improve public services provided to the citizen, reduce social gaps, increase quality of life, improve social mobility and foster local communities.

Program Goals

Creating a Diverse Network

Creating a diverse network of leaders who promote mamlachtiut (common-good behaviors and actions) in the local sphere.

Leadership Capabilities

Developing and strengthening leadership capabilities and leading significant change processes in the local sphere.

Personal and Professional Skills

Developing leaders’ personal and professional skills while enhancing their management capabilities.

Concept of a Local Public Servant

Promoting a concept of a local public servant that places residents at the center.

Program Content

Approximately seven weeks of intensive learning (about 45 days) spread throughout the year, including two weeks in the U.S., one of them at Harvard Business School.

“On the Job Training” format that allows the fellows to continue working while participating in the program, allowing them to immediately apply their knowledge and skills to real-world situations.

Learning topics – getting to know the public sphere on the community, municipal, national and international level, with an emphasis on economic development and a “residents at the center” approach.

Familiarity with influential bodies in the local, civil and business sectors, knowledge of central government institutions at local and national levels, and lectures by senior government officials, business leaders and various experts.

Dedicated accelerator program that includes the provision of professional tools, resources, and expert consultation to accelerate change-process projects.

Peer learning and shared consultation about challenges faced by the fellows in their professional positions.

Admissions process

A synchronized admissions process across the ADVOT, MAKOM and MAOZ Employment Ventures, in order to pool resources and enable an ideal match between candidates and programs, will open in Spring 2020.

The admissions process includes four stages; at each stage, we will summon the most qualified candidates from the previous stage:

  • Physical attendance on the assessment day and the admissions committee is a prerequisite for continuing the process! At the advanced stages of the process, applicants will be asked to present a supervisor’s approval to join the program.
  • The admissions process dates (evaluation days and admissions committees) are not final and are subject to change.

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MAKOM Fellows

מחזור ב

קרדיט: נופר חסון הנדלמן

Yaniv Abuhtzira


קרדיט: דוברות כללית מחוז חיפה וג"מ

Moshe Adler

Director Of Ultra-Orthodox Sector, Haifa And Western Galilee District, Clalit Health Services

קרדיט: נופר חסון הנדלמן

Meir Aghay

Director Of The Jewish Quarter Community Administration, Jerusalem

קרדיט: אשתו

Bassam Said Ahmed

Project Manager And Developer Of Regional Growth Engines For Local And Regional Economic Development At The Portland Israel Foundation And CEO Of A Private Business

קרדיט: נופר חסון הנדלמן

Yosef Alamor

Director Of The Transportation Division, Eastern Negev Cluster, Founder Of The Lena Association

Amin Alkrenawi

Manager Of The Be'Er Sheva Employment Service

Foad Alzayadna

Director Of The Rahat Community Center, Israel Association Of Community Centers

קרדיט: נופר חסון הנדלמן

Wafa Abu Ammar

Head Of The Youth Division, Al-Kasom Regional Council

Avishalom Husman Arbel

Treasurer, Zichron Yaakov Local Council

Serhan Areej

Planning And Construction Consultant And Project Manager At Sarehan Engineering, Ltd.

Reem Asadi

Treasurer Of The Galilee And Amakim Cluster

Brimer Asaf

CEO Of Moona A Space For Change

Nitzan Barchan

Director Of The Licensing, Construction And Information Department, Petah Tikva

Fayek Bsoul

Treasurer Of The Reineh Local Council

Afaf Charzalla

Deputy Director General And Human Resources Director, Baqa Al-Gharbiyye Municipality

Anat Chervinsky

Vp And Chief Architect, Tidhar Group

קרדיט: נופר חסון הנדלמן

Reuma Galisko Cohen

CEO Of Ye'Adim — Municipal Company For Business And Economic Development, Be'Er Sheva

Ohad Cohen

Beit Shemesh City Architect

Assaf Yoel Dattner

Planning And Construction Manager At The Mateh Binyamin Economic Corporation

Malca Dror

Self-Employed Consultant On Managing Change In A Rapidly Changing World

Hila Elimelech

Director Of The Urban Renewal Administration, Sderot Municipality

קרדיט: אור אלכסנדר

Vered Goshen

Director Of The Strategic Planning Department And Head Of The Urban Renewal Team, Be'Er Sheva Municipality

Ori Hacohen

Head Of Public Operations Division And Partner At Bdo Consulting

Suad Hasson

Coordinator Of Equal Opportunity Employment Policy At Sikkuy-Aufoq — For A Shared And Equal Society

Lior Zorno Heffes

Chairperson Of Tozeret Ha'Aretz, Fellow At The Mandel School For Educational Leadership

Yael Heymann

Manager Of An Urban Consulting And Planning Business

Ya’Ara Issar

Director Of Planning And Infrastructure, The Unit For The Development Of East Jerusalem

קרדיט: שירה אברהמי

Hila Kaplan

Director General Of The Ramat Hanegev Regional Council

Batsheva Kasay

Employment Manager Of The "Tofsim Kivun" Program At Educating For Excellence

Shini Kashash

Director Of The Elementary And Secondary Education Department And Director Of The 360 Program For At-Risk Youth, Bnei Brak Municipality

Yael Haklai Kaufman

Administrator Of The Jerusalem Court For Local Affairs

Yehuda Korenblit

Director Of The Education Department, Beitar Illit Municipality

Mosa Krini

Director Of The Riyan Employment Guidance Center For The Bedouin Population

Yoav Maoz

Head Of The Cadets For Local Government Program, Atidim

קרדיט: רמה יאזמה

Rachel Marom

Economic Development And Entrepreneuring Consultant

קרדיט: עינת תירוש

Tehila Maymon

Director General Of The Tel Mond Local Council

Kfir Metsuyanim

Cooling-Off Period

קרדיט: חן גלילי

Riki Mor

Customer Relations And Corporate Responsibility Manager, Mekorot

Yaakov Israel Netanyahu

Director General Of The Or Akiva Municipality

Uri Pinto

CEO Of Western Negev Cluster

Kasim Abu Raia

Director General Of The Sakhnin Municipality

קרדיט: אשתו

Waseem Rohana

Vp Of A Business Department, Babcom Centers

Rani Rosenheim

Director Of The Strategy And Innovation Administration, Jerusalem Municipality

Pazit Rozentaler

Director Of The Emergency Department, Modi'In Illit Municipality

Yehuda Schweiger

Noa Segal

Deputy Director General For Budgeting And National Infrastructure Coordination, Ministry Of Transport And Road Safety

קרדיט: נופר חסון הנדלמן

Sarit Sela

Sustainability And Innovation Consultant And Environmental Project Manager

Khouri Shadi

Chief Engineer, Water And Sewage Corporation Of The Lower Galilee Villages

Dana Shlezinger

Manager Of Mishkei Hamifratz, Milouot Group

Meir Simcha

Vp Engineering And Planning, Azorim

Orly Gavishi Sotto

Director General Of The Western Galilee Drainage And Rivers Authority

קרדיט: נופר חסון הנדלמן

Itay Tsabari

Social Entrepreneur

Eli Vaknin

Strategic Consultant To Third Sector, Public And Philanthropic Organizations

קרדיט: ענר טאוסיג

Inbar Weiss

City Engineer Of Beit Shemesh

Oved Yavin

Manager At Doral Agro, Doral Group

Ilan Yeshurun

Director Of The Southern Region, Israel Lands Authority

Libi Zeivald

Director Of The Eshkolot Community Center, Jerusalem

Abu Ganim Ziad

Treasurer Of The Laqiya Regional Council

Abu Ganim Ziad

Treasurer Of The Laqiya Regional Council

מחזור א

Mhammad Albadour

Comptroller Of The Lakiya And Tel Sheva Local Councils

Benny Alon

CEO Of The College Of Management Academic Studies

Ilan Avitan

Director Of The Social Welfare Office At The Child Online Protection Bureau — 105

Hussam Abu Baker

CEO Of Al Fanar — For Economic Development And Advancing Employment In Arab Society

Sivan Rozen Blum

Leader Of The "Village In The Neighborhood" Model, Branco Weiss Schools

Fadwa Dabbour

Director General Of The Beit Jann Local Council

Ayelet Daliot

Head Of The Inspectors Division At Avney Rosha

Harel Damti

Senior Regional Traffic Inspector, Ministry Of Transport And Road Safety

Harel Damti

Senior Regional Traffic Inspector, Ministry Of Transport And Road Safety

Tzvika Davidi

Partner In A Social Business Initiative In Conjunction With Jindas, For The Advancement Of Social Mobility Through Urban Vitalization

Nisreen Saker Daxa

Chief Engineer Of The Daliyat El-Karmel Local Council

Havi Eyal

CEO Of The Jordan Valley Regional Community Center

Dganit Fachima

Supervisor Of Sports For The Ultra-Orthodox Community, Jerusalem Municipality

Ester Gefen

Consultant For Welfare Systems

Lilach Geva

Director General Of The Katzrin Local Council

Yair Goldman

Director Of The Operations Department, Lod Municipality

Tal Ben Guigui

COO At Nirlat

Gohar Halabi

Treasurer Of The Tefen Industrial Council

קרדיט: רעות איזק

Udi Izak

Director Of The Education Department, Karmiel Municipality

Yousef Abu Jaffar

Between Jobs

Yousef Abu Jaffar

Between Jobs

Samah Heib Jaljoli

Director Of Riyan Employment Centers, Southern Triangle

קרדיט: אביגיל עוזי

Einat Jospe

Director Of The Psychology Counseling Services, Bnei Brak Municipality

Avia Kadari

Manager Of Enosh'S "Headspace Israel" Program

Einat Katz-Sharony

Instruction And Knowledge Director, The National Program For Training Certified Engineers And Technicians

Roaa Khater

Resource Utilization And Economic Development, Gush Halav

Yair Kirshboim

Director General Of The Modi'In Illit Municipality

קרדיט: רמי זרנגר

Aya Laor

Strategic Projects Manager, Hospital Division, Clalit Health Services

Sivan Lehavi

Deputy Director General, Ministry Of Interior

קרדיט: נזירה עישה סימנוק

Salwa Masarwa

Arnon Meir

Director Of Impact And Government Relations At The Israel Democracy Institute

Merav Morod

Director Of The Planning Department, Eastern Negev Cluster

Haim Nargasi

Deputy Legal Advisor For Criminal Matters City Prosecutor, Jerusalem Municipality

Hadas Ovdat

Director Of The Leadership Programs, Neot Kedumim Park

Dudu Peretz

Planning And Building Committee Chairperson, Galilee Panhandle Region

קרדיט: אתי עזרן

Keren Petel

Director General Of The Merom Hagalil Regional Council

Ayal Ronen

Senior Project Manager At Wxg

קרדיט: בראשית

Adi Rozenberg

Director Of The Strategic Planning Department, Yeruham Local Council

קרדיט: נופר חסון הנדלמן

Kawther Sarsour

Director Of Socioeconomic Development, Minority Economic Development Authority, Ministry For Social Equality

Shira Shapiro

Senior Deputy Director Of The Heritage Department

Asa Shapiro

CEO Of Nudge And Head Of Advertising & Marketing Studies At Tel Aviv University

Lea Shechter

Director Of The Human Resources Department, Bnei Brak Municipality

Eshkol Shokron

Director General Of The Golan Regional Council

Yehuda Shpitser

Organizational Consultant For Ultra-Orthodox Organizations And Communities

Salima M. Suleiman

Senior Director Of The Local Authorities Department, Authority For The Economic Development Of Minority Sectors

Hussein Tarabeih

Executive Director Of The Towns Association For Environmental Quality — Agan Beit Natufa

Liza Tavori

Executive Vp Of Human Resources And Member Of The Management At Ormat Technologies

Zehava Tesfay

Director Of The Jewish Agency Shlichut Initiative To Uja-Federation Of New York

Itay Tsachar

Director General Of The Jaljulia Local Council

Osnat Wolf

Head Of The Human Resources Department , Hefer Valley Regional Council

Yosi Yadin

Senior Regional Sales Director, Account Management And New Business, Emea, At Jfrog

קרדיט: נופר חסון הנדלמן

Elamour Yasser

Director Of The Welfare Department, Kuseife

Ruwayda Younis

Director General Of The Ar'Ara Local Council

Yuval Zana

Senior Director Of Digital And Information Systems, Directorate General Of Labor