MAOZ Fellows Program 2014 – Group Shabbat

An important part of the MAOZ Fellows Program is the group weekend that, this year, took place at Kibbutz Nachsholim. The two goals of the weekend were to develop closer personal relationships between the Fellows and to delve into the key value of the “power of speech and debate” which is so central to public leadership.

Shabbat represents different ideas and practices for each of the 33 Fellows and there is potential of the day being the source of conflict and division. However, the Fellows came together and created an incredibly powerful experience of cooperation, understanding and respect that served to engender a comfortable atmosphere for learning and sharing ideas. The sessions run by the Kolot facilitators, Hagit and Leon, used ancient and modern texts that encouraged the MAOZ Fellows to examine their own values and identity and consider how divisions and disagreements in Israel are managed and overcome.

The weekend was intimate and enlightening, with one of the Fellows sharing with the group at the end of the weekend, “you are making me a better person”.

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