As MAOZ Network members, we work to promote social change processes and mamlachti (common-good) actions through our work within the Network and outside it, while operating ethically and with a full commitment to public integrity.

The following principles express our trust. Adhering to them allows us to operate and contribute to society and to the state in Israel, and ensure the public's trust in us:

The Network enables and encourages the Network member to engage in a fair and practical discussion regarding a professional issue that he or she seeks to promote, while maintaining rules of good governance in his or her organization’s decision-making process.

In a situation where the Network member is uncertain what the appropriate action is, he or she is expected to consider the missing information needed in order to make an appropriate decision and work to obtain that information, consider it, and decide. If any doubt remains after the essential information has been obtained, we encourage consultation with Network members and MAOZ team members.

A Network member is not to be given an unfair advantage over others.
*An unfair advantage may refer to receiving confidential information, assistance in being appointed to a position when one’s criteria are not a fit, or reaching out to a Network member from a statutory entity with requests for specific allocations.

Network members are to avoid approaching fellow Network members for pure personal gains through the Network. The expectation is for personal advancement and success not to become the work’s main goal.

It is permissible and even encouraged to recommend a Network member for a position as long as the recommender believes that the Network member is indeed the most suitable candidate for the position and as long as the appointment process permits recommendations.

We are always committed to continue developing these principles and call on Network members to take an active part in doing so.

A general rule of thumb for conduct in the Network is that it can be publicly justified.